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Wear Your Faith
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The Fearless Faith Offical YouTube channel is dedicated to inspiring Christians to draw near to the Word of God, and even closer to Him.

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Wear Your Faith

We started in 2020 with an idea to make clothing we love, to share a message instead of corporate logos. Over the year, we’ve expanded our product line from T-Shirts to hoodies, and much more.

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Faith Statement

What We Believe

We exist to help Christians draw near to the Word of God (Holy Bible) and even closer to Him. God is raising up a generation of ambassadors who refuse to sit passively. We are determined to serve our King with boldness.

Everyone who owns a Bible should open and read it. Moreso, they should understand and believe it.

Orthodox Christianity is not about the attainment of knowledge, but rather, the live application of God’s Word.

• Faithfully Orthodox
• Live Faithfully
• Proclaim the word of God, boldly!